Monday, 14 December 2015

Clean Energy from water

The trend to clean energy has started

Now that the Paris COP21 has concluded with significant progress, the race is on to create a large scale, zero emission power generator. The companies that solve the many problems will become a global player and disrupt many industries, including oil. coal, gas, power transmission and the many support services.

Each country should be aware that the large companies will try to buy up solution companies or take out patents to stop progress. This practise must be managed and control for the benefit of all, not just a few.

Hydrogen has to be the answer. 

In Greek, hydrogen means "water-former".

Because it is contained in water and after separation becomes a high efficiency fuel. The waste product is water. Traditionally hydrogen has not been cheap enough to produce for large applications, but that might be changing. The Space Shuttle Main Engine burnt hydrogen with oxygen, producing a nearly invisible flame at full thrust.

The Chinese maybe first.

Using three abundant sources on earth, enough hydrogen could be produced to power every electricity generating station in the world, or could be used for local district micro-generation to avoid power transmission lines. Check out this article from the Hong Kong University

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